CIS 111 Lab Assignment #8

Due: 5/8/2013

1.  Continue with the Tic Tac Toe game with a few additions.

A.  Allow for one or two players.  Use a drop down list box to select one or two.

B.  If one player is selected, then the computer plays "O" and "X" starts.

C.  After each turn of X, computer must do the following:

        I.  Check for winner, same as before.

        II. Look for a winning move for itself.  If it finds it, take it.

        III.  If no winning move for itself, look to block a win by X on the next move.

        IV. If no block necessary, then use the Random Number generator to select from the remaining open boxes.

I will be online & in the lab on Wednesday night from 6PM to 8PM for those needing some assistance.  My Yahoo and AIM address are on the syllabus.