CIS 111:  Lab Assignment 1:

1.  Modify feedback form 2 (feedback2.html) using something like notepad or FrontPage, your choice.

2.  Add a field right under name called "Phone".  The name and id should be "phone"

3.  Only using name to identify objects is old HTML, make those objects X-HTML compliant by also adding an id element.  

    For example:  <input name = "email" type = "password" />  S/B: <input name = "email" id="email" type = "password" />.

4.  The checkboxes "Things you liked:" all have the same name: "thingsLiked"  This causes problems with the PHP script and would also cause problems with other scripting languages including JavaScript, JSP, ASL, Perl, etc.  Give each check box it's own name, such as replace "thingsLiked" with "sourceCode" for he Source Code check box.

DO NOT MODIFY THE PHP CODE!  That comes much later in the semester.

send to me with file name: G(Your G-Number)_Lab1.html

DUE:  2/7/2013