LAB 6                  4 POINTS                                        CIS 254JA

At the top of every program this semester you MUST place the following:
// Your Full Name
// Your E-mail Address
// CIS 254JA
// Program Name
// Program Description
// Lab #
// Due Date: 7/31/2012


1.	Create an application Tester that reads in a sentence and outputs:
	A. the length of the sentence, :
	B. the sentence in uppercase, 
	C. the sentence in lowercase, 
	D. and the sentence backwards.  
	E. Then print the count of every 'a' in the sentence.  
		If there are no a's then inform the user (count 'a' and 'A' as the same letter).  
2.	Use dialog boxes for input and output.
3.	Output "Programmed by Your Name" when your program runs.  

Turn in java and class files.